New Oil Boom Style A-10,000 Feet



All of our boats are located in Salt Lake City, Utah. We have several styles of boats to choose from including Mono-hulls, Commercial Pontoon, and Landing Craft Hulls. Please click on the picture link for Pictures and Specs on each vessel.



New Oil Boom Style B-50,000-1,000,000 ft

Munson 27ft Landing Craft

Kvichak 36ft Aluminum Landing Craft

Alma Robert 42ft Twin Diesel

William Evan 42ft Twin Diesel


North Wind 58ft Super Cat











FV Preditor II Work Boat


Kvichak Skillet 42 ft Work Boat with Reel

All American-42ft Triple Pontoon Flat Deck

All American 42ft Triple Pontoon Flat Deck

Whiner Skiff/Work Boat

Speedy Safe Boat

Twin Jet Tugs 32ft 

Raider 25 ft Fiberglass Landing Craft

Munson 33ft Aluminum Landing Craft

LCM 52 Ft Project


   Waterman Pontoon II

Hansen Porter Twin Pontoon Flat Deck

All American 38ft Packer


Out Board Engines

Waterman Skiff/Work Boat

Kvichak Goose 50 ft Work Boat With Reel Drum


Kvichak Phone Booth 30 ft Work Boat

Altec 42ft Triple Pontoon Flat Deck Boat



Kvichak Frying Pan 34ft Work Boat


 Raider 33ft Work Boat


Kvichak 48ft Work Boat

Munson Hell Bender 34 ft Landing Craft


Bentz AHT 36 ft Work Boat


Munson Eagle 48 ft Work Boat


Aluminum Fishing Boat


Hanson Guinness 35 ft Pontoon


Hanson Cutthroat 35 ft Pontoon


Hanson Stout 35 ft Pontoon



Sea Ark Crow 40ft Commercial Pontoon 


Raider 32 ft Work Boat 


Raider Fiberglass 34 ft

Gregor Triple Pontoon

Sea Ark Vulture 40ft Commercial Pontoon

Water Man Commercial Pontoon


Cabin 1


Cabin 2


Cabin 3

Oil Containment Boom #1

Oil Containment Boom #1







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